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Cervical cancer

  • Cervical cancer is 2nd most common cancer among females in India and also 3rd largest cause of cancer-related deaths in India accounting for nearly 10% of all cancer-related deaths in the country.
  • About 67,000 cervical cancer deaths happening in a year in India alone.
  • One woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes in India.
  • Cervical cancer is one of preventable cancer, this many of woman unaware.
  • Begins in cells on the surface of the cervix and involve a series of cell changes, it takes about 10years for an abnormal cell change to develop into cervical cancer.
  • Median age: 38 years (age 21–67 years).
  • Rural women are at higher risk of developing cervical cancer as compared to their urban counterparts.
  • Cervical cancer is less common in Muslim than in Hindu women.
  • January month every year will be celebrated as a cervical cancer awareness month to increase awareness.
  • it is one of preventable cancer - vaccine available for prevention
  • vaccine would be available with your general physician, gynecologist, and oncologist consult them for more information or contact us @ /
  • if detected early the curability will be more and cost of therapy also less and fewer treatment modalities can be used whereas in advanced stage disease curability will be less and more modalities and cost will increase.
  • PAP smear is the key to the diagnosis.
  • Any women who have the following symptoms consult your gynecologist/surgeon/oncologist:
  • Bleeding/discharge per vagina [either postmenopausal period or in between the monthly periods if excess bleed/bleeding after intercourse]
  • Persistent lower abdominal pain/back pain.
  • Difficult in passing urine/bowel habits
  • easy fatigue, loss of appetite and weight in association with some of the above symptoms.
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