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What is Cancer

  • Uncontrolled division of a cell into multiple cells in a simple term called a tumor.
  • Tumors may be simple [Benign] or dangerous [Malignant].
  • Examples of simple tumors - Lipoma [Fat cell accumulation], Fibroadenoma breast, retention cyst, simple ovarian cyst.
  • Malignant tumor examples- breast cancer, lung cancer, intestine cancer, and blood cancer etc.
  • Many patients ask their respective doctors what would be symptoms of cancer.
    • Each cancer has different symptoms.
    • Symptom varies depending on stage also.
  • Generally, cancer doctors describe cancers like solid and liquid tumors.
  • Solid tumors mean- breast related, lung, intestine, muscle related, bone-related, brain tumors and head & neck cancers and so on...
  • Liquid tumors means-blood cancer and cancer related to lymph glands.


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